COLORADO COLLEGE, 2016-present

HY217: American Frontiers

HY212/EV273: American Environmental History

HY410/420: Senior Seminar/Senior Thesis

HY231: Civil War and Reconstruction, 1845-1877

CC120: Natural History?: Museums, Collecting, and Display

EV145: Environment and Society

HY206: US History since 1860

RM200/HY110: Power, Place, and Protest in the West (with Dr. Dwanna McKay)

HY104: Justice, Injustice, and Bodies on the Margins (with Dr. Jane Murphy)

HY200/FM210: The Story of Us: Local History and Documentary Filmmaking (with Dylan Nelson)


ENV 256/HIS 365: Environmental History

WRI 101: Writing Climate Change

HIS 244: Settlement of the US West, 1800-1900

ENV 203: Environmental Humanities

ENV 340: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral


HIS 1173: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: The Museum in American History (Spring 2014)

HIS 1147: American Beauty: Exploring Ideas about Nature and Place (Spring and Fall 2012)

Teaching Assistant for Cornell courses in environmental history, environmental ethics, Civil War and Reconstruction, twentieth-century US history, the history of exploration, and Cornell Summer College courses in the history of medicine and environmental history.

Tava (Pikes Peak), taken January 10, 2018.