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COLORADO COLLEGE, 2016-present

HY217: American Frontiers

HY104: Justice, Injustice, and Bodies on the Margins (with Dr. Jane Murphy)

HY212/EV273: American Environmental History

HY231: Civil War and Reconstruction, 1845-1877

HY206: US History since 1860

RM200/HY110: Power, Place, and Protest in the West (Fall 2017 FYE with Dr. Dwanna McKay)

HY410/420: Senior Seminar (Newberry Library)/Senior Essay

EV145: Environment and Society

HY200/FM210: The Story of Us: Local History and Documentary Filmmaking (with Dylan Nelson)


ENV 256/HIS 365: Environmental History

WRI 101: Writing Climate Change

HIS 244: Settlement of the US West, 1800-1900

ENV 203: Environmental Humanities

ENV 340: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral


HIS 1173: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: The Museum in American History (Spring 2014)

HIS 1147: American Beauty: Exploring Ideas about Nature and Place (Spring and Fall 2012)

Teaching Assistant for Cornell courses in environmental history, environmental ethics, Civil War and Reconstruction, 20th century American history, the history of exploration, and Cornell Summer College courses in the history of medicine and environmental history.

Pikes Peak, taken January 10, 2018.