stl 1904 panorama

Full version of my CV available for download here.


Assistant Professor of History, Colorado College, August 2016-present.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Humanities, Environmental Studies, Davidson College, 2015- 2016.


Ph.D., History, Cornell University,  May 2015.
Dissertation: “From the Field: Nature and Work on American Frontiers, 1876-1909”
Committee: Aaron Sachs (chair), Sara Pritchard, Eric Tagliacozzo

Fields: American history, environmental and cultural (Aaron Sachs); history of technology (Sara Pritchard); modern Southeast Asian history (Eric Tagliacozzo)

M.A., History, Cornell University, August 2011.
B.A., History, with distinction, Yale University, May 2004.

PUBLICATIONS (see writing section of this site)


Mellon Visual Cultures Faculty Learning Community Participant (2017)
Messenger Chalmers Dissertation Prize (2015)
Buttrick-Crippen Fellowship  (2013-2014)
Michael and Carol Kammen Fellowship (2013)
History of Science Society Conference Travel Grant (2013)
Pacific Coast Branch of the AHA Conference Travel Grant (2013)
Cornell University Society for the Humanities Sustainability Research Grant (2012)
Gates Research Travel Grant (2012)
Newberry Consortium on American Indian Studies Graduate Student Fellowship (2012)
LaFeber Research Fund Award (2011)
Silbey Fellowship Fund (2010)
Princeton-in-Asia Fellow (Lao PDR) (2005)
Yale Environmental Studies Summer Fellowship (2003)

TEACHING (see teaching section of this site)

PUBLIC AND DIGITAL HISTORY PROJECTS (see projects section of this site)


Plenary Panelist and Workshop Facilitator, “A Cornell Conference on Creative Academic Writing: Exploring the Relationship between Artful Prose and Scholarly Production,” Cornell University, May 2017.

Panelist, “The Pedagogy of Hope: Teaching Hope in the Environmental Classroom,” American Society of Environmental History conference, March 2017.

Chair, “Connecting Histories: Exploring The Relationships Between Natural History and Environmental History Across Space and Time,” American Society of Environmental History conference, March 2017.

Invited speaker, “Dismantling White-Washed Historical Narratives of the Pikes Peak Region,” Conversations on Whiteness Student Group at Colorado College, December 2016.

Co-organizer and Panelist, “Environmental History: (in) the Context of Environmental Studies?” American Society of Environmental History conference, April 2016.

“Partly Settled Colonialism? The Place of Soldiers on American Frontiers,” participant in Settler Colonialism and Territorial Expansion, a seminar at C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists conference, March 2016.

Invited participant, Duke University History Slam, December 2015.

“‘Specimens’ at San Carlos: Linking Natural History and Military Work in Arizona Territory,” Western History Association conference, October 2015.

“More than Birds: Collection Narratives and Cultural History at NMNH,” Lost Museums: A Symposium on the Ephemerality & Afterlife of Museums, Brown University, May 2015.

“Pacific Crossings: Specimens Between the (Battle?) Field and the Museum,” American Society of Environmental History conference, March 2015.

“Nuclear America,” Guest lecture in United States Since 1865, Ithaca College, October 2014.

“Cleared, Collected, and Displayed at the World’s Fair: The Trees of Forest Park, 1904,” American Society of Environmental History conference, March 2014.

“Working Vacations: Dr. Mearns and the Museum,” History of Science Society, November 2013.

“Summiting Mt. Malindang: Linking Military and Scientific Work in the Philippines,” North American Labor History Conference, October 2013.

“Life’s Work: The Specimen Collecting of Dr. Edgar Mearns,” Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association conference, August 2013.

“Looking for Geronimo,” Cornell University History Slam, May 2015.

Panelist, Becoming More Productive: Workflow Workshop for Graduate Students, March 2015.

Panelist, Roundtable on Publishing, Cornell University History Department, January 2015.

“Preparation.” Cornell University History Slam at the Finger Lakes Literary Festival. May 2014.

“Binoculars and Birdsong: Environmental History Outside the Archive,” Cornell Society for the Humanities, April 2014.

“On-the-Job Specimen Collecting: Dr. Mearns and the Nature of Work,” Science Studies Research Group, Cornell Science and Technology Studies Department, November 2013.

Haliaeetus leucocephalus.” Cornell University History Slam, May 2013.

Panelist, A-Exam Workshop, Cornell University History Department, November 2012.

“Butterflies and Birds.” Cornell University History Slam, May 2012.

“‘A Splendid Country’?” Cornell University Americas Colloquium, April 2012.

“Dr. Mearns’s Birds: Sources, Specimens, and the Politics of Collecting.” Cornell University ARG/VRG Nineteenth-Century Day Colloquium, March 2012.

“‘That’s Just How He Was.’” Cornell University History Slam, May 2011.

Panelist, “The Arrogance of Humanism?: What Is the Role of the Humanities in the Environmental Crisis?” Cornell Roundtable on Environmental Studies, February 2011.

“’I walked across the bridge of Spain’: Frontier Rhetoric and Forestry at the Fair.” Cornell University Americas Colloquium, October 2010.

“‘There is a Witchery in Kodakery…’” Cornell University History Slam, May 2010.

“‘The Giraffe is Now Ready’: Nature at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.” Cornell University ARG/VRG Nineteenth-Century Day Colloquium, April 2010.

“‘The Whole Story of Forest Life’: Nature at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.” Cornell University Americas Colloquium, March 2010.

“Conservation and Preservation, 1916-1956,” Guest lecture in HIST3150, October 2009.


Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of American Studies
Review journal submissions as requested by JAS editors. 2016-present.

Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Gilded Age and Progressive Era History
Review journal submissions as requested by JGAPE editors. 2015-present.

Coordinator, Historians Are Writers! (HAW!) Reading Group
An interdisciplinary reading group at Cornell focused on the writing of history. HAW! reads widely (experimental history, fiction, memoir, you-name-it), and hosts writing workshops and an annual History Slam. Coordinator, 2012-2014. Co-coordinator 2011. Member 2008-2015.

Chapter Editor and Contributor, The American Yawp
The American Yawp is a free, online American history textbook. Wrote content on the Philippine-American War and Progressive Era environmentalism, and worked with a co-editor to combine author contributions into a chapter on American empire. 2013-2015.

Founding Member and Co-Coordinator, CREST Reading Group
The Cornell Roundtable on Environmental Studies (CREST) Reading Group is an interdisciplinary environmental reading group comprised of faculty and graduate students from the natural and social sciences and the humanities that organizes panels, invites speakers, and meets monthly to discuss a wide range of environmental issues and texts. 2010-2015.

Founding Board Member, Friends of the Yale Women’s Rugby Football Club
Worked to build a community of Yale women’s rugby alumnae. Formed a partnership with men’s program to fundraise for a joint, gender-blind rugby endowment at Yale. 2010-2015.

American Historical Association
American Society of Environmental History
Western History Association
History of Science Society
C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists

George F. Melville, Panorama of the World’s Fair, St. Louis, 1904 showing every building of the exposition numbered and named. Oak Park, Ill.: Geo. W. Melville, eng’r & pub., c1904 March 5. Library of Congress, Photographs and Prints Division.